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A (Semi) Formal Introduction You NEED To Read!

So Ive had my blog up a couple of days now and I’m receiving great feedback from friends and family and also people who have recently found me through my blog.  I have so far enjoyed every bit of it but I have yet to formally introduce myself.  I really don’t know how to do anything formally though so thats not a surprise. LOL.  Like that, you’re probably not suppose to type LOL in large caps and just leave it because thats more like texting lingo but, if I’m going to have a blog named Simply Kenadee than it dang well better represent me and all my flaws to.  I’ve had to edit your to you’re about 17 times since starting.  I am learning something new everyday and I can honestly say that I am in it for the long haul.  I started this blog as an outlet to share my daily life and also fun posts about what I like to do, where I like to go, and what I like to improve.  See here for my first improvement post.  I hope that you all can find me uplifting, relatable, or just entertainment.

Let’s get started!

If you don’t already know, my name is Kenadee Carter.  K, so you probably already knew that because 1. You’re my mom and you have to read my posts. 2. You can clearly see my name in my website url.  Anyways, if your not my mom and you didn’t know my name there you go.  Thanks for making it this far.


My mom and I at a cheer competition

I was probably 15 here!

I grew up (and still live) in a small town in Utah.  I’m going to skip to about…eh..high school.  I loved high school.  I was a cheerleader (we were awesome). I had awesome friends and just loved life.  I enjoyed make-up and I was always getting compliments which made me love it even more.  Besides the fact that I didn’t blend my eyeshadow or have eyebrows.  I still carry my love for makeup today.  I can’t remember a whole ton about high school besides my senior year at the very end right before graduation, I met Mason.


The night we got engaged. I was 18 here!

So Mason and I started dating the very end of my senior year.  All through the summer, even when I went off to college I was home on weekends so I could be with him.  Well, it just stuck like this and the next year in April 2014 we got engaged.  We got married the end of that year in November.  We bought our first house in Feb 2015.  It wasn’t long after that we found out Tex was on his way!  Tex came into our lives November 2015!  Tex is definitely the greatest blessing in our lives.  He is so full of life and energy!


Tex 6 Months Old!



Recently, we bought a new home! It’s adorable and I’ve loved fixing it up to how I want it.      I’m so excited to share all of my updates with you guys.  I have loved doing this so far and can’t wait to continue.  Now I’m going to ramble a few things about myself that aren’t so important, but I love them about me.


My love for vintage junk items has grown tremendously.  I hit up a TJ Maxx at least once a week in search of Rae Dunn and other awesome items.  I think peaches and cactus’s are the cutest emblems to grace the planet.  I love to wear cowboy boots, jeans, sweatshirts and all things turquoise, distressed, and black but trade them in at the drop of a hat for a pair of scrubs.  I love my job as a nurse’s aid and am so close to applying for a nursing program that I can almost taste it.  I wake up in the morning, have some coffee, say a positive thought to myself and I am ready to go.  I like to clean my house while blasting music and singing along.  I love to sing. LOL.  You can find me strolling through the dollar store like it ain’t nothing.  I love Diet Dr. Pepper and it’s the only soda I will drink now-a-days.  Right now, I can’t get enough. of buffalo plaid, cotton stems and wreaths, farmhouse decor, Tex & Mason, and of course makeup.

I really love the person I am becoming and this blog is to help me express that.  I hope that I can uplift my readers and inspire them to do what they love!  Thank you all so much for reading, you don’t know how much it means to me!  Please comment below what you love about this post and some things you love about yourself!  I truly love you all, xoxo




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