DIY Faux Shiplap Bathroom


Everyone watches Fixer Upper and if you don’t watch Fixer Upper, you need to watch Fixer Upper.  With that being said, we moved into our new house two months ago and you betcha I had my mind set on shiplapping the entire thing.  Mason would say differently but we will see.  I wanted faux ship lap without the ship lap price so I did a ton of research and this is what I came up with.  First of all, our guest bathroom is not very big, also, it doesn’t have a window meaning no natural light.  I needed to brighten this room up as much as possible in a styled way.

We started with this


It was way too dark for us and I just had to change it.  We (more like I) started by ripping out the old medicine cabinet mirror.  It needed to go badly.  Once I did that I gathered my supplies, here is list of what I used.

3/8 inch thick particle board


Paint (I used Soft Wool by Valspar)

Nickels (for spacing)

Pneumatic nail gun


Table Saw

Miter Saw

Jigsaw (for odd cuts)

Wood filler

We bought our supplies, I ended up getting 5 sheets of the board and having them rip it into 5 3/4 inch thick pieces.  I chose this width because my miter saw blade is 6 inches and wouldn’t of fully cut a 6 inch piece of wood.  Dumb.  Anyways, since this project was going down in my bathroom I took a ton of extra steps as precaution for the wood.


First off, I sanded each piece of wood front back and all sides.  Once I sanded and cleaned them I threw on a coat of primer. While this was drying I threw a quick coat on my bathroom wall, I’m not sure if it was really necessary looking back.  The primer was fast to dry which I’m thankful for because patience is not a virtue of mine.  I whipped out my paint  and put two coats on one side of each of the boards.  This took some time but it was worth it for me, even though this is the side that was going to face the wall… I know what your thinking, why paint that side?  Well,  I want my wood to last long and not be affected by water and this was the best way to protect it, so I went ahead and took the extra steps and I believe it will pay off.

Hanging Boards

Nail holes in top and bottom of the boards

Once all the paint was dry we began hanging the boards on the wall, making sure each end was in a stud.  That meant that even though the boards were 8 ft long, my stud ended at 95 inches so we had to take an inch off of each board with our miter saw.  This is the best way to get the boards to be nice and sturdy.  We cut the remaining piece and hung it up putting brad nails with our pneumatic nail gun into each stud which we found prior to hanging.  Once we got to the next board we used 3/4 nickels to space the boards apart, this worked so well and I am so happy with the results the nickels left.  We continued down the wall.  When we got to the shower head, we used a drill bit to cut out a whole for our faucet!  The bottom of our wall to our baseboard was not big enough for a whole board, so we had to rip it a little smaller.

We continued around our whole bathroom like this and finally got it all up.  I filled in the nails holes with wood filler.  I used this kind.  After that I seamed the edges together with quarter round, this really helped pull the looked together to look flawless.  I sanded off the wood filler prior to painting the whole bathroom with two coats of paint.


I also ended up painting the cabinets which were an oak color.  I used tabby cat gray by Valspar.  I finished them with polyacrylic to protect and shine the cabinets.   I am still on the hunt for knows for the cabinets!


A few extras my shower curtain is from and its only $8!  The window was purchased from my aunt but the wreath is from Message me for secrets to getting this wreath super cheap (I’m not talking the 40% off coupon code).  I bought the mirror from and the decor and rugs are also from Tj Maxx, which is my favorite store.  I plan to get more decor for this space.  I am so happy with how it turned out.



Let me know what you think and if you choose to follow this method.  Thanks for reading!!



Feel free to message me below!! I would love to hear from you all! xoxo


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